Scroll down the story to read NILMDTS CEO Gina Harris’s children’s story for her rainbow baby to share with him about his big brothers:

Brothers Forever

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  1. Courtney Marie Hileman October 25, 2019 at 4:53 pm

    This is absolutely beautiful and a great idea I think I’m ready to Maybe start one of my own I want my son to always remember his little brother he got to hold him and kiss him seemed to him and rock him to sleep hes having a very hard time just like us dealing with the loss of Ayden I miss him terribly it’s only been 3 months I feel like it was yesterday I’m doing my best to get through it I’m still so angry but I’m trying very hard to get past that Ayden Killian Mason was our last child and even though hes not here with us physically I know that is always with me And I want to remember him and a special way maybe I’ll start with this

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