NILMDTS has made the difficult decision to combine the Minnesota, Colorado and Virginia Walks into one Virtual Walk.  We did not take making this decision lightly and after meeting with our Fall Walk committee volunteers we weighed several factors including:

1. The health and safety of all Walk participants.

2. Resources to adequately plan the in-person walk so every participant can have a meaningful experience.

3. Limitations on size of gathering due to social distancing. We currently have a greater number of participants than what is allowed to gather at the venue, which would put us in a position to have to turn participants away.

4. Due to size limitations and restrictions, the Walk expenses would outweigh revenue.

Remembering your baby(ies) is an important part of the healing journey and our NILMDTS team is committed to creating a virtual opportunity to honor and remember all the babies that have died due to miscarriage, stillbirth, SIDS, neonatal, or any type of infant loss.

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