Volunteer Newsletter – My Why

This month, NILMDTS CEO, Gina Harris shares her WHY for volunteering and encourages you to find and share your WHY. In the upcoming months, Gina will be sharing tips, thoughts, and valuable articles that are relatable to volunteering with NILMDTS. Do you have a topic or article you would like to see shared, send it our way to be considered for future newsletters.

Volunteer Newsletter Repository

The Volunteer Newsletters go out twice monthly. Keep an eye out for lots of great info every second and fourth Monday of the month!

Within your volunteer training, there is a course containing NILMDTS Volunteer Newsletters that are sent out via email to all volunteers who are Active or In Training status. Newsletters will be added for quick reference as there is lots of important information within each newsletter, helpful for all volunteers.

Not getting our emails? We’ve learned that many are being blocked due to lack of opening historical emails over the last year. Please search your inbox and/or spam and open previously sent emails. As well as manually confirm your email address here. This will send an email you must click a link to verify. If you do not see the confirmation email or need assistance, email headquarter@nilmdts.org.