Care Packages

Giving bereaved parents in Colorado keepsakes to make memories with their baby.

About Care Packages

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep offers Remembrance Care Packages to Colorado hospitals. These care packages provide ideas for making memories and keepsakes in order to make the most of this precious time families have at the hospital with their baby and after. We coordinate with healthcare workers throughout Colorado to assess their needs and provide them with Remembrance Care Packages.


Capture the Moment Baby Remembrance Book
Blank Journal with NILMDTS pen
Resource Book Coupon
Small Teddy Bear
Footprint Kit
Handmade Blanket and Hat
Lock of Hair Card in Bag
Plantable Seed Heart

“It meant a lot to receive a care package knowing that it came from people who are in our same shoes.”

~ Rachel, Porter’s Mom

Donate a Care Package or Teddy Bear

The care packages are given to parents as a gift, at no cost to them. We invite you to donate a Care Package or Teddy Bear and you can include the name of a baby/babies to give in memory of.