Community Volunteer

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Community Volunteer for NILMDTS. Our work seeks to help families soften their pain, and help create photographic memories of their baby that they can be proud to share with other family members and future generations.

Note to International Applicants (outside North America): Currently we are only able to accept applications from the USA, USA territories, and the following countries (but not their territories): Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Note: All volunteers must be 18 years of age or older at the time of application.

IF YOU ARE RE-APPLYING: Our database system is email based. If you are re-applying, please use a different email than the original email used in your first application. We will be able to merge your accounts after the approval process is complete.

The Role of Community Volunteer:

Our community volunteers assist our photographer teams in strategic ways.  The following roles may be available in your local community:

Session Dispatcher

Local Team Recruiter

Basic First Steps:

  • Fill out the application in full. You will not be able to submit unless the application is complete. You will receive an email confirming that your application has been received.
  • Once your application has been received, we will work with the local team to determine if there is a good fit for your interests and time commitment.  Please understand that every team is different and may have different needs.
  • It is our goal to find a good fit for you and to communicate honestly with you when there is not an engaging opportunity for you at the current time of application.


If your application has been approved:

Once your account has been activated:

  • You will receive a New Member Welcome Packet in the mail with detailed instructions on how to get started in your new volunteer role.
  • Your benefits as a member will be activated.


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