Digital Retouch Artist


Thank you for your interest in becoming Digital Retouch Artist (DRA) for NILMDTS. Our work seeks to help families soften their pain, and help create photographic memories of their baby that they can be proud to share with other family members and future generations.

Please view this application as you would any application for a professional position.

Note to International Applicants (outside North America): Currently we are only able to accept applications from the USA, USA territories, and the following countries (but not their territories): Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Note: You will need to pay a $10 application fee prior to submitting your application.

Note: All volunteers must be 18 years of age or older at the time of application.

IF YOU ARE RE-APPLYING: Our database system is email based. If you are re-applying, please use a different email than the original email used in your first application. We will be able to merge your accounts after the approval process is complete.

Skills Criteria & Image Submission Requirements to Apply (Click to Expand)

Basic First Steps:

  • A $10 application fee will be required with your application submission and is tax deductible. You will receive an emailed receipt upon completion.
  • Fill out the application in full. You will not be able to submit unless the application is complete. You will receive a second email confirming that your application has been received.

Information About Applying as a Digital Retouch Artist

  • Once you application is received, you will then be sent a series of images to be retouched. These images range from basic retouching, to much more difficult images involving some bruising, skin discoloration, etc. The final work that you submit back to us will be evaluated.

Skills Criteria & Evaluation Process

Requirements: Advanced Photoshop ability. Other retouching programs may be used, but Photoshop is mandatory for the advanced level of retouching often needed for our services.

Once your application has been received, it will be evaluated by the NILMDTS DRA Application Review Team. This Team consists of experienced Digital Retouch Artists who will score your application. An application must score at least 28 out of 40 points to be considered for approval. We use a 0-10 scoring system (0 is lowest and 10 is highest).

All DRA applications will be reviewed on the following criteria:

  1. Advanced ability to repair skin flaws (torn skin, blistering)
  2. Advanced ability to even out skin tone (bruising, discoloration)
  3. Black & White or Sepia conversion skills (visually appealing with good contrast range with appropriate mid-tones)
  4. Advanced skill using multiple filters and targeted adjustments (mastery in using multiple layers, layer blends, layer masks, color modes)

The application review process may take up to four weeks depending on the current volume (although it is sometimes longer during the busy Trade Show season).

I have applied, now what happens? (Click to Expand)

The application process can take up to four weeks depending on the current volume (although it is sometimes longer during the busy Trade Show season).

If your application has been declined:

Applicants who are declined are always more than welcome to re-apply at a later date, after their skills have improved. Please feel free to inquire about specifics in how you can improve your work. The MAC Team is always willing to share their expertise.

If your application has been approved:

  • You will receive an acceptance letter in the mail with information about how to activate your member account.
  • Sign and return the Volunteer Services Agreement to Headquarters.
  • Make an annual membership fee of $25.01. Please see the Benefits of Membership.

Once your account has been activated:

  • You will receive a New Member Welcome Packet in the mail with detailed instructions on how to get started in your new volunteer role.
  • Your benefits as a member will be activated.


Step 1: Pay Application Fee »
Reason for the Application Fee
In order to submit the application, you must first have an Application Fee invoice number!
You will receive an email confirming the processing of the application fee.

Step 2: Complete Application »

To begin the application, use the invoice number located on the shopping cart receipt.
You will receive another email confirming if your application was received.