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Create a Legacy Campaign

One way to create a legacy for your baby is by creating a campaign to raise support for NILMDTS.

You can create a campaign for just about any event:

  • In memory of your baby’s birthday or angelversary.
  • To raise support for an event you may be taking part in such as a 5K run.
  • To raise support for a Remembrance Event you may be organizing.
  • Any other creative idea you may have.

How to Set up a Campaign

  • Go to the Colorado Gives Website or Crowdrise Website.
  • You can look up Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep to see other campaigns that have been created.
  • When you are ready to create a campaign, click on Sign Up and Fundraiser.
  • Once the fundraiser account is created, you will see a tab called My Campaigns. Click on it and follow the directions.
  • You may call the campaign whatever you would like.
  • Set a goal of how much funding you want to raise.
  • Once it is set, then you will see it listed on the NILMDTS Remembrance Events.
  • Promote your campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, as well as through email.
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