When there is no photographer available

Our goal is for all families in need of NILMDTS to be served with a photographic session. As a primarily volunteer organization, we unfortunately cannot guarantee that a photographer will be available to help every family. Occasionally one of our volunteer photographers may not be available to take photographs.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Can the photographer help you later in the evening or even the next day? Maybe at the funeral home?
  • Does your hospital department or a family member have a digital camera or cell phone? If so, begin taking photographs – and take many. To assist you, review our posing guide. Those photos can be submitted to us for professional retouching. Please use your camera’s largest possible file settings.

Requesting Digital Retouching

When a NILMDTS photographer is unavailable, we can still offer beautiful retouching of images taken by the family or hospital staff.  To submit images:

  • 1. Before sending images, back them up on your computer and save the pictures on a disk or memory card for your records.
  • 2. Please aim to submit the best images. If possible, please submit images in a high-resolution format.  If there are duplicate or extremely similar poses, we will retouch the best quality one within that grouping. Please note: not every image will be edited.  We select the highest quality images for best results. Out of focus images will be retouched to the best of our ability, however some may not be able to be retouched.
  • 3. If you only have a printed photograph you can scan them in as high-resolution files at a print shop and send the high-resolution digital files to us. Please note: retouching results may be limited due to the loss of resolution and quality in the transition from print or film to digital.
  • 5. Once you have the digital photographs and the completed and signed consent form, please submit the photographs and form via the following form.

Please note that it may take up to 6-12 weeks for retouching. If you have any questions or issues submitting, please contact us.

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