What to Expect

Standard Gift

Our standard gift to families includes images on approved media, which have been gently retouched and converted to black and white or sepia, along with a print release. Images are high-resolution jpeg files that could print to a minimum of 8×10 size. Normal delivery time for the families to receive their images is 6-8 weeks. If the family requests, most photographers are able to email a few images to the family in time for a memorial service or funeral.

Questions that May be Asked

When a photographer has agreed to take a session, the following questions may be asked to better prepare themselves such as:

  • Name and phone number of caller
  • Location of baby (hospital/hospice name and room number)
  • Gestational age
  • Perceived emotional state of the family
  • Baby’s condition (specific to physical appearance (i.e.—bruising, discoloration, malformation, skin tears, etc.)

Volunteer Professionalism

Please remember that NILMDTS is a nonprofit volunteer organization. NILMDTS and our volunteer representatives are not an affiliate, contractor, vendor, or a volunteer of or for your institution.  NILMDTS is there at the request of and as a guest of the family. NILMDTS volunteer photographers conduct the photography services in a professional, humble and respectful manner, being sensitive to the bereaved parent and hospital staff. Services are conducted with as little disruption to Labor and Delivery and NICU as possible. If NILMDTS affiliated photographers feel they must address something with the hospital staff they are encouraged to make an appointment. If you have a concern with our services, please email headquarters@nilmdts.org.

For additional information, please view our Medical FAQs.

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