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If you are a fan of the hit show, “This is Us”, I am sure that you watched last week’s episode with mixed emotions. Would it be healing? Would it bring up your darkest moments?

I wanted to give everyone some time to watch the show and then have the opportunity to talk about it.

Tonight, I am going to be on Facebook Live talking about the show and I want you to join in.

Tuesday, November 28
5:00 pm Mountain Time
On the NILMDTS Facebook page here:

I hope you will join me. Here is a long list of questions I wrote out during the show. I don’t know if we will get to all of them, but take a look and make sure you join us live so we can talk!


Medical Response


How can medical better deliver the information about the loss?

What was your experience with the doctor and communication?


Kate and Toby


What are your thoughts about Kate immediately going to sing?

Did you wish you didn’t get your hopes up for a pregnancy?

Did you blame someone or yourself?

Did someone blame you?

As a woman do you feel like you went through more because it physically happened to you?

As a man did you feel you weren’t able to feel emotions because it didn’t happen to you?

How did you feel about Toby’s response to Kate saying it didn’t happen to him?

Did he have a right to defend himself that way?

Did you feel like you let down your partner?

What are your thoughts on the extent Toby went to make sure the tub did not get delivered?

How do you think they did portraying dads with Toby’s role?


Kate and her Mom


How were your parents there for you?

Did anyone have parents who had losses? How did that help you or not help you?

Were your babies real to you as soon as you knew you were pregnant?

Did you question your actions?

Did you blame yourself?


Responses to Grief


Did you hide your grief from your partner?

Did you have a yellow onion breakdown?


Wrapping it Up


How did you feel about the ending?


Remember, join live at 5:00 pm tonight!


Warm Wishes,