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12 years ago, Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep became an official nonprofit organization. Travel through the first ten years of NILMDTS History with us here


If you would like to share your baby/babies name(s) to help NILMDTS honor 12 years of service to families you can do it on our Facebook page here.



Laura Huene, the Director of String of Pearls, a nonprofit organization specializing in Perinatal Hospice said:

Twelve weeks after the diagnosis, it was time to meet Pearl. On a warm summer day in June, as we watched the sun rise and shower us with pink rays, Pearl was placed in our waiting arms. We kissed her goodbye, whispered secrets in her ears and bathed her with our tears. We will never forget the moments we had with Pearl and will treasure each memory and photograph lovingly snapped by our NILMDTS volunteer.

Read Laura's full article here.

We want all parents and their families who have experienced a pregnancy or infant loss the opportunity to honor their baby.  Share our Facebook post in hopes of reaching every family here.

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