Join NILMDTS co-founder, photographer, author and speaker Sandy Puc’ as she introduces you to relationship photography and the newborn session.

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At only $19.99, this is an opportunity not to be missed.
All proceeds will go directly to Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep.

This class is NOT a NILMDTS Training, but will be beneficial to NILMDTS photographers for capturing those last precious moments.

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If you are currently an Active Volunteer of NILMDTS, you will be able to pre-register* for FREE as a thank you gift.
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This class is made possible by Sandy Puc’ Tours.

Thousands of dollars of PRIZES given away at each class!

Special offers for attendees courtesy of Bay Photo!

* Member coupons will not be available after 4pm the day of the class. If the class occurs on a weekend, then the last available date for the coupon code is the prior Friday by 4pm.  Full amount of $19.99 will need to be purchased at the door to attend. Please note: Sandy is conducting this tour in addition to her tour for her own studio. Dates are subject to change based on her schedule. Once you have registered, we will notify you if any changes are made.

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