Amy Lynn’s “Fly Away” Song

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On February 10th, Amy Lynn shared the following post:

Had she been born on her due date, my little girl would be three years old today. Every year when this day comes around, I think “What does she look like? Does she have blue eyes like me or green eyes like her daddy? What bedtime stories would be her favorites? Would she like music like her brother? Would she sneak chocolate into her room at night like her sister?” My heart aches for the things I never got to know about her. I never got to feel her kick and move inside my belly. I don’t know what it feels like to hold her in my arms or kiss her sweet face. I didn’t get to sing her a lullaby, calm her crying or rock her to sleep. There’s no photo of her. No headstone with her name on it. No where to leave her flowers or gifts. On paper, she never existed. She was never ‘born’. A little life lost to miscarriage, invisible to most, but my heart carries her still. So today, I will remember her by the love I feel for her. I will honor her and be thankful for who I am because of her. Without her, ‘Fly Away’ and the memory walls wouldn’t exist. Without her, I would have never begun writing songs or sharing my story. She made me brave. Happy Birthday Sweet Girl…

~ Amy Lynn
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Thank you to Amy for allowing us to share her words and her beautiful song.