Happy Birthday Hyrum!

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Happy Birthday, Little Man!

Oh how we miss you and wish we were watching you blow out two candles today! We think of you all the time but lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about this sacred day, the day you were born. On this day two years ago, we finally got to hold and admire the little person we hadn’t physically met yet, but had grown to know and love so much!

I think about that ordinary hospital room, and how something remarkably extraordinary happened there. How the whole room was filled with Heavenly power and love. You were this perfect, stalwart, giant of a spirit that came to us in a fragile little body. You were, and still are, the perfect, most beautiful gift. Something so brilliant that we’ll never know again in this life. Once in a lifetime!

And so, even though it breaks our hearts that we can’t physically be with you on this sacred day, or for the next little while as you journey through eternity, and that you can’t be with us as we journey through this life; we are going to celebrate that sacred, once in a lifetime experience we shared with you!

We’re going to celebrate your life and your purpose and the existence of such a pure, capable spirit. We’re going to celebrate how much love and joy and sweetness the world has to offer since you came. We’re going to celebrate that because you exist, this world, our world is a better place. We’re going to celebrate miracles, we can attest that they still happen. We saw one. We held one. We’re going to celebrate the knowledge that we will be together and hold you again. We see you in the beautiful, uplifting things around us and we try to make you proud.

Godspeed, little man! I don’t deserve you. I stumble a lot but I know you’re saving me a spot and I try not to let you down. How lucky we are to have someone with so much spiritual strength so invested in our family! I know I’ll hold you again someday. Until then, “my love will fly to you each night on angel’s wings” and “Godspeed”!

Love, Mom
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The NILMDTS Remembrance Walk includes a presentation with readings, music, and speakers to honor your baby. During the event, each baby is honored by having his or her name read aloud with the optional release of a butterfly. Following the presentation participants will journey together for an optional one-mile reflective walk.It is an opportunity to bring honor to our babies and healing to our hearts.

The Remembrance Walk also ensures future support to families who will sadly walk in our shoes one day.

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