Meet Jessica, Brad, and their baby Eli.

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The support you give to NILMDTS now is a healing gift to bereaved parents who might not otherwise even think of photographing their babies. Meet Jessica and Brad. They are some of the very few parents who lost a baby prior to the founding of NILMDTS and have heirloom images of their son Eli.

In 2002, Minnesota resident, Jessica and Brad Person’s baby Eli was diagnosed with a life-limiting condition prior to birth. Though they knew Eli’s life would be brief, they were determined to celebrate every milestone they could, even those that would only occur in pregnancy.

Sweet Eli passed away shortly after birth. This was prior to NILMDTS, but as professional photographers themselves, Jessica and her husband Brad knew they wanted photographs of their son Eli.

Brad captured beautiful images of their son before and after he passed away.

“Those images were such a treasure to us and helped us grieve, but more than that, helped us show off our son to people who didn’t get to meet him,” said Jessica. “They were proof he mattered to us. That he lived, that his life was significant.”

Jessica and Brad happened to be professional photographers, so they were able to capture heirloom portraits of their son. Of the more than 50,000 babies who are stillborn or die shortly after birth each year in the United States, many of those parents are not professional photographers, nor do many of them even think of capturing images of their baby.

This is why NILMDTS is vital to the healing journey of newly bereaved parents, when they are not thinking of what they may need to heal. Our services are offered to them by caring nurses in the midst of their grief. Then, our professional level volunteer photographers come and capture the only moments parents spend with their baby.

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