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Remembrance Care Packages are delivered to Colorado hospitals to parents suffering from a pregnancy loss, stillbirth, neonatal loss, SIDS, or any type of infant loss.  The care packages are given to parents as a gift, at no cost to them.  We invite you to make a donation for a Care Package and you can include the name of a baby/babies in which you want the Care Package given in memory. Please note that if donations exceed the quantity needed, the donation will go towards another NILMDTS program, but the baby’s name will still be included in a Care Package.

  • Memory and Tribute Gifts

    Thank you for your partnership with NILMDTS.

    If you would like to donate the Care Package(s) in memory of a baby or in honor of someone special, please fill out the rest of this form. Otherwise, please click submit at the bottom and the rest of your contact information will be collected.
  • If you are someone other than the parents of the baby(ies), we would like to send an acknowledgement to the parents. Please include the following information.

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