Volunteer Leadership

The NILMDTS leaders listed on this page are all volunteers and have accepted an additional level of responsibility for the operations of NILMDTS. We would like to sincerely thank them for their dedication to our mission.


Volunteer Coordinators - covering U.S. and Canada

If you need to contact any of our Volunteer Coordinators, please email them here.

International Coordinator


Robbyn Erickson
International Coordinator

Contact by Email

Country Coordinators

Louise Brooks
Ireland Coordinator

Contact by Email

Lisa Kennedy
Ireland Coordinator

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Missy Thomas
Dispatch Coordinator

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Autumn Coxe
National Dispatch Associate



If you need to email any of our trainers, please email them here.

Digital Retouch Artist Application Review Team

Jennifer Brown

Bob Thayer

Linda Hall

Photographer Application Review Team

Cliff Lawson

Bob Coates

Carolyn Spranger

Sarah Boccolucci

Dennis Craft

Julie Nixon

Petra Herrmann

Stuart Hasson

Russ Forthofer

Jim Greipp

Teresa Robertson

Bob Lloyd