Community Volunteers

Our website is currently being enhanced to improve the Assistant to Photographer & Community Volunteer applications process. To continue serving families efficiently, please apply using this temporary application form following all the steps. We apologize for the inconvenience but are so appreciative of your interest in serving bereaved families! If you have any questions or issues email our Review Committee.

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As a Community Volunteer, there are many roles you can pursue:


  • Dispatch session requests (either locally or on National Dispatch Team for other areas if your area does not utilize dispatch and you’d like to make an impact nationally)
  • Answer phones professionally and sensitively
  • Familiar with the NILMDTS website and able to navigate easily
  • Utilize timely communication methods for dispatching session out to available photographers
  • Assisting hospitals with utilizing  Retouching Services & Medical Affiliate Program in the event that a photographer is not available
  • Make sure all calls are logged in the Volunteer Account for all requests that were either dispatched, declined, or provided other options

Local Recruiting

  • Identify and contact photographers and digital retouch artists
  • Share NILMDTS posts on social media and beyond (community boards, photography clubs, online groups) – Special attention during Recruit a Volunteer Months (February & September) and National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance (October)
  • Represent NILMDTS at local photography clubs, conferences, and conventions and follow-up with interested contacts
  • Assist with application process

Hospital Outreach

  • Plan special thank you’s to hospitals, especially during Nurses Appreciation Week (May)
  • Check in monthly with hospitals to maintain any updated contact list and program documents

Team Administration

  • Assist Area Coordinator with volunteer renewal reminders
  • Planning of volunteer appreciation activities & team events (Volunteer Appreciation Week in April)
  • Maintain the local area’s Facebook group (if applicable) with updates from official NILMDTS Facebook page links and NILMDTS Volunteer Facebook group information

Assistant to Photographer is another non-photography role. They are not authorized to take photos at sessions however can be a valuable asset holding lighting equipment and working with nursing staff and families. This is an excellent position for budding photographers who want to serve but need some practice and would like to help build skill by shadowing an Affiliated Photographer. It is recommended that anyone interested in applying as an Assistant to Photographer should first find a local Affiliated Photographer to sponsor you as an Assistant otherwise it is possible you will go under-utilized. Assistants are welcome to also pursue additional roles of the Community Volunteer. Learn more >