Give the gift of remembrance portraits to parents experiencing the loss of a baby.

About   Volunteering

Remembrance photography volunteers capture special moments of love for parents experiencing the loss of an infant. This precious gift helps provide healing for a family while honoring the baby’s legacy.

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Prepare Your Application

Our photographers get no second chances to get it right.  So, we take the application process seriously.  You should, too.  View this application in the same manner you would for a professional photographer position.

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Other Volunteer Roles

If you are not a photographer, we have other volunteer roles that will allow you to locally or virtually support the NILMDTS mission and help your local community.

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“I have never been one to have the right words to say when someone has gone through a loss. When I think of the loss that these families deal with, I realize there may be no words I can say to take that pain away; I can, however, pray that I will alleviate some of that pain and bring a little bit of joy by sharing my photography.

I am immensely honored to be invited into the lives of these families in their most difficult time and proud to be able to give them this precious gift. In return, volunteering with Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep has touched my heart and changed my life in more ways than I can truly express.”

CRYSTAL RODRIGUEZ | Volunteer Photographer

Thank you to, White House Custom Colour, a major contributor to the growth of NILMDTS through financial support, advisory, and in-kind donations since 2007.