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What’s Next?

You’ve applied, so what happens next? The Membership Acceptance Committee will review your application within four (4) weeks. If you do not hear back, please ensure you have checked your spam/promotions/updates or any other filtered folders.

If you have been approved, you will receive a welcome email with information on how to log into our training portal. All volunteers are required to accept our Volunteer Services Agreement and all roles (with the exception of Community Volunteers and Dispatchers) pay volunteer dues of $35.01. These dues can be waived for financial hardship as we never want that to be a barrier to a dedicated volunteer who wants to share their time and talent.

Once the VSA and dues are submitted, there is approximately three (3) hours of required video based training in order to prepare for taking NILMDTS sessions. You will also be provided a NILMDTS ShootProof account for image delivery. We ask that the required training is completed within a month of acceptance. If you cannot complete your training but wish to volunteer, we ask that you please let our Volunteer Coordinators know.

Once training is complete, you will be a fully activated volunteer and will receive a badge and welcome packet (if requested) in the mail.