(How to let Social Media do the work for you)

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are powerful fundraising tools.  Making your donation ask on social media is a quick way to cast a wide net with your fundraising.

One way to ask on social media is through your Instagram and/or Facebook Stories. Try our version of a Fundraising “Bingo”!  You simply share a graphic like the example below. Make sure to fill in the amounts you think people would like to donate. Let them know you are trying to get a blackout by filling every spot! 

Once someone donates, you can show your thanks by tagging them to share their contribution! See below.

You can also motivate your online community to support you by:

  • Sharing your personal story – Your experience will inspire the support of others.
  • Sharing how you’d like to make sure another family receives our gift
  • To make sharing on social media a little easier, we’ve created and shared several sample social media posts and template graphics that you can personalize with your baby’s name on our link below.  Feel free to make them your own and include a personal touch.https://www.nowilaymedowntosleep.org/socialmediasharing/

Remember, any time you post on social media, make sure you include the link to your tribute page. That way getting donations are just a click away.  If you need help getting your team page link, email us here.

Also, take the opportunity to thank your donors and acknowledge each donation you receive on social media.  The spirit of giving is contagious so the more you post, the more support you will receive.