You don’t have to have any fundraising experience to make a big impact.  Let us help replace the possible fear of fundraising with some fun instead.  Whether you love cooking, baking, or playing board games, it is very easy to turn something you love into a fundraising opportunity.  Fundraising is simple when you start with ideas that really fit your lifestyle.

What do you like to do?

Love to entertain?

Host a brunch, dinner party or game night.

Invite friends to join you for an event to support your participation in the walk.  Ask friends to donate a small amount to join the festivities.  Just think if you have 10 friends who come and donate $10, in one day, you’ll have raised $100.

Need to do a little spring cleaning?

Host a yard or garage sale.

Take a little time to clean out your closets and the garage.  Also ask your friends and family to donate items to your sale.  Everyone has some stuff they don’t need and the beauty of this idea is that you raise money and de-clutter at the same time.

Do you and your friends like to bowl?

Ask your local bowling alley to donate a lane for an hour or two. Invite friends to come bowl for a donation. You could raise $90 if six friends came and each donated $15.

Are you an amazing baker?

If your chocolate chip cookies are the envy of all your friends, offer to bake batches in exchange for donations.

These are just a couple of ways to make fundraising fun.  With a little creativity, you can raise money in no time.