Life is busy and we can all use a reminder now and then. This is key when fundraising and building your Tribute Page.
Don’t get discouraged if some people don’t donate immediately. It’s very possible that they want to support you and plan to make a donation, but life got in the way – the phone rang, the dog needed to be let out, dinner was on the stove, etc.  In this fast pace world, a nice follow up is needed and appreciated.
Don’t take the fact that someone doesn’t donate right way as a sign that they will never donate. Keep all your potential donors updated about your fundraising campaign. You can post on social media or send update emails.
Think of these ideas when sending reminders:
  • Talk about and thank your donors that have already donated. This is a great way for your donors to feel appreciated and it also lets everyone know you are still fundraising.
  • Talk about how their donation will create a legacy for a family. Every $125 you raise is enough for Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep to serve one family with a truly priceless gift.
  • Share your fundraising goal and your progress.
Sending a nice reminder is the best way to encourage your donors to join you in making a difference. Give it a try and let us know how it goes!