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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the purpose of the NILMDTS Remembrance Walk?2022-02-09T23:19:59-07:00

The NILMDTS Remembrance Walk, Our Journey Together is an event for parents, family members, and friends to come together to remember a precious baby who has died due to miscarriage, stillbirth, SIDS, neo-natal or any type of pregnancy or infant loss.

Who is eligible to participate in the NILMDTS Remembrance Walk?2021-06-23T01:20:56-06:00

All are invited to participate in the NILMDTS Remembrance Walk: people of all ages, friends, family, and supporters.

This will be my first year attending. What can I expect?2022-02-09T23:22:21-07:00

We understand the mixed feelings participating in an event like this can create. Please know you are not alone. The NILMDTS Remembrance Walk event has been very healing and aided in the grieving process for many families.

You will be receiving emails from us leading up to the event date to help guide you along the way! Be sure to make sure that our emails are not going to spam/junk by adding the following emails to your contact list <> and <>.

If you still have unanswered questions, please contact us at

How recent must our loss be to participate?2022-02-09T23:23:16-07:00

Regardless if your loss is recent or was 20 years ago, we come together to support your journey through the grieving process and to remember your baby. All are welcome!

When is the last day to register?2022-02-09T23:30:52-07:00

You can find more walk specific information by clicking on the location of the event and then click on the “Details” button:

If you would like to reconfirm with us, please feel free to email us here.

What if I missed the baby name date, can I still get my baby’s name on the t-shirt?2019-06-25T21:25:19-06:00

Unfortunately, for the t-shirts to be printed in time for the NILMDTS Remembrance Walk, you must have your registration in prior to the baby name date.  Please note that all baby names registered after this date will still be read during the presentation.

What time does the walk start?2019-06-25T21:24:44-06:00

Here is the general schedule for each walk location.  You can find more walk specific information by clicking on the location of the event and then click on the “Details” button:

8:30 a.m. – Registration opens for the Remembrance Walk

8:30 – 10:00 a.m. – A number of remembrance activities and resource pavilion will be available before and after the Reflective Walk.

10:00 a.m. – Presentation and Reflective Walk.  Please bring a blanket and/or picnic chairs to sit on during the presentation.  Also feel free to bring a picnic to enjoy in the park after the reflective walk.

Is there a limit to the number of people who may attend the event?2019-06-25T21:23:45-06:00

Absolutely not! Please invite your family and friends to walk with you and support you though everyone in attendance must register.

Are dogs allowed at the event?2019-06-25T21:23:24-06:00

While dogs may be permitted at the park on a leash, we ask that you leave your dog at home during this event due to the number of attendees participating.

Can we bring strollers?2019-06-25T21:22:42-06:00

This is a family event and you are more than welcome to bring strollers.

What is the distance of the reflective walk?2022-02-09T23:31:55-07:00

Our reflective walks are approximately one mile at all of our locations. Please note this is a reflective walk and not a race or timed event.

What will happen if there is inclement weather?2022-02-09T23:34:16-07:00

The Remembrance Walk will take place rain or shine!  However, if there is lightning we will postpone the presentation until it is safe for all of the volunteers and participants.  Be sure to check your email or the walk event page by clicking on the location and then click on the “Details” button here for additional information and any last minute changes necessary.

How can I purchase additional t-shirts?2022-02-09T23:39:25-07:00

If you have not already registered, you can purchase additional t-shirts during the registration steps. You can find the registration link by clicking on the location of the event here.

If you have already registered, you can purchase additional t-shirts by clicking on the location of the event here and then click on the “Register” button.  You will need your registration confirmation number so that it can be connected to your original order.  There is a “Store” button on the main event page.

If you have any additional questions, you can email us here.

Can I purchase additional t-shirts at the Walk?2022-02-09T23:40:52-07:00

You will see the blue tablecloth that says “NILMDTS” on it and any available NILMDTS Merchandise will be available there. We cannot guarantee that any additional shirts will be available at the event.

Can I purchase butterflies at the Walk?2022-02-09T23:43:06-07:00

I’m sorry, there will be no butterflies available for purchase at the Walk.

If it is still available online, you can get to the “Butterflies for Purchase” option by clicking on the location of the event here and then click on the “Register” button.  There is a “Store” button on the main event page.

Registered, but unable to attend?2022-02-09T23:45:38-07:00

We are so sorry to hear you are unable to attend the Remembrance Walk. The registration items will be mailed directly to you at the address we received.  If you would like to confirm your address, please email us here.

I cannot afford the registration cost, do you have any assistance?2022-02-17T20:48:32-07:00

When registration opens for a walk event, we have a NILMDTS Scholarship Program available for anyone who is unable to financially afford the registration fee.  Please be advised that we have a limited number of scholarships available per walk location, only one Adult Registration allowed per household, and the scholarships are only available for a limited amount of time.

If you are interested in applying, please fill out the form here to be considered for this scholarship and we will get back with you within a couple weeks.


Donations from website/fundraising platform not showing?2019-06-25T20:28:21-06:00

Thank you so much for your support and for reaching out in this regard.  When a donation is made on our website or through a fundraising platform and it does not indicate that it is for team fundraising, it does not automatically get applied as a donation towards the walk.  It is received in as a general donation. If you can email us at and let us know where the donation was received, then our headquarters office can pull the fundraising total and manually added to Race Roster.

What are the fundraising dates for the Walk?2019-06-25T20:27:33-06:00

Please click on the location of the event and then click on the “Remembrance Teams” button.  You will see a link on there for the personalized gifts link which has all of the fundraising dates:

What do the proceeds from the NILMDTS Remembrance Walk and donations go to?2019-06-25T20:20:41-06:00

Fees associated with registering for the event are applied towards the cost of the event.  Additional funding collected from registration, fundraising pages, and t-shirt sales supports all Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep photography services. You can see how all of our donations are utilized by watching the video on our website here:

What if I can’t make it to the NILMDTS Remembrance Walk but would like to donate instead?2021-06-18T03:18:08-06:00

You may donate to that particular walk by clicking on the location of the event and then click on the “Register” button.  There is a “Donate” button on the main event page:

You can also donate directly on our website here:

Can my company or business sponsor the event?2019-06-25T20:11:43-06:00

Yes, we have several options for businesses to get involved as a sponsor and receive recognition.  Please click on the location of the event and then click on the “Become a Sponsor” button:

Can my company provide a matching gift?2019-06-25T20:09:25-06:00

When you create a team for your baby, make sure you contact your place of employment and see if they have matching gifts available.  Ask them to match the amount you raise in your baby’s name. Obtain the necessary paperwork that NILMDTS may need to fill out and send it to NILMDTS and email it here.


Who do I contact if I would like to help volunteer for the NILMDTS Remembrance Walk?2019-06-25T20:05:55-06:00

Volunteers for the NILMDTS Remembrance Walk are always welcome. If you would like to volunteer your time on the day of the event, please click on the location of the event and then click on the Volunteer button:

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to email us at for more information.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us here.

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