Whether you’ve been fundraising for years or you are brand new to fundraising, you can follow this plan to get to $500 in no time.
1) Show your commitment and contribute $25 to your own page
2) Ask your company to match your $25 donation
3) Ask someone you love to match your $25 gift
4) Ask 5 of your coworkers to donate $10 = $50
5) Ask 5 people from your church or club for $10 = $50
6) Email 10 people asking for $15 each = $150
7) Select 1 person or organization to sponsor you for $100
8) Ask two people who have asked you for a donation for $25
9) Ask 5 friends to donate $5 = $25
10) Ask an organization, club or religion institution you belong to to donate $25
Just like that, you could reach the $500 benchmark.  Not only will you have made a big difference, you will also have raise enough to receive a number of personalized gifts in honor of your baby(ies).


Click on the walk location for the personalized gifts and achievement dates that go with that event.
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