Speaker Library

Hope & Light – A word from our Virtual Candlelight Gathering Families

Impact of Remembrance Photography ~ Lauren Webnar
Honoring Ruby Webnar and Ray Webnar

Your Journey ~ Ashley Lorenzen
Honoring Kinley Grace Lorenzen,Eli Eric Lorenzen, and Angel Baby Lorenzen

A Poem for Micah ~ Ayinde Russell
Honoring Micah Russell

Power of Human Connection ~ Nicole Woodward
Honoring Abel Joseph Woodward

Finding Joy ~ Christy Wopat
Honoring Sophie Mae Wopat& Aiden James Wopat

Our Story ~ Brionna Bray
Honoring Noah Lee

Healthy Journey Tips ~ Jarel Adams
Honoring Ezra Jude

Helpful Healing ~ Heather Kokesch Del Castillo
Honoring Miles

A Message for the Fathers ~ Sam Rodriguez
Honoring Manny Michael Rodriguez

Finding Purpose After Loss ~ Ali Furtwangler
Honoring Zachary Conner Furtwangler

Life In My Heart ~ Lisa Mora
Honoring Gerard Anthony

Medical Affiliate Program ~ Stacey Baker
Honoring Sadie Rose

First Year Missing Maddie ~ Lauren McDaniel
Honoring Madeleine Camille McDaniel


By Erin Willer

Honoring Milo Juniper Willer, O.B. Willer,
Baby Willer and Te Fiti

Music Library

Sarah Weber

Sarah Weber

“One You”

Hannah Hokit
“The Climb”

Lindsay Lynette Boyko
“I Was Here”

Lindsay Lynette Boyko
“A Thousand Years”

Gerard Mora

Lindsay Lynette Boyko
“I Was Here”

Mark Miller
“A Hole In The World”

Billy and Sarah Lloyd
“In the Arms of An Angel”

Hannah Hokit
“Portal to Heaven”

Courtney Cole

Gerard Mora

Rebecca McRedmond

Craig Cardiff
“Smallest Wingless”

Gerard Mora

Alex Masters

Billy Lloyd
“Tears in Heaven”