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NILMDTS is giving you the opportunity to take the Remembrance Walk to your local area through our small gatherings in conjunction with the Virtual Walk.

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  1. Host must be registered for the walk.
  2. Once the application process is completed, the host must confirm with the park whether or not a permit is needed for a maximum of 30 attendees. If a permit is not required, you will need to request an email confirming the same. Upon receipt, forward the email confirmation to
  3. If a permit is required, it is the host’s responsibility to secure and provide permitting confirmation for the gathering on the event date, along with location details including park name, address, and local time of gathering to
  4. Host is responsible for providing details of exact gathering location details including park name, address, and local time of gathering, along with distance of walk and condition of path (pavement, gravel, grass, etc)
  5. Host will provide an email address for attendees to reach out about questions specific to the walk meet up. Any questions received related to registration, the presentation, or incentives should be redirected to
  6. NILMDTS will provide a draft email with the basic itinerary to the host to send out to all local participants 1 week prior to the event.
  7. Host will have the opportunity to participate in a webinar with a NILMDTS Staff Member to answer any questions or concerns prior to the event.

Day of Expectations: 

The goal of the meetups is to provide a sense of community with other bereaved families in addition to the online presentation provided by NILMDTS. The host is not expected to rent tents, a stage, chairs, etc. NILMDTS encourages the host to simply do the following:
  1. Greet all participants at the location designated by the local host.
  2. Prior to the walk, encourage participants to stand in a circle and speak their baby’s name, loss dates, type of loss and release their butterflies.
  3. Lead a reflective walk once all participants have arrived.

Virtual Walk Host Locations:

  1. Gathering is held on the same day of the Virtual Walk event date.
  2. Host locations have to be within the United States only.
  3. Multiple host locations cannot be held within the same city and will need to be at least 15 miles from each other.
  4. Host locations are required to be held a local Park or Recreation Area. We will not allow host locations to be held at any private residence.
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