The NILMDTS leaders listed on this page are all volunteers and have accepted an additional level of responsibility for the operations of NILMDTS. We would like to sincerely thank them for their dedication to our mission.

Volunteer Leadership

Ben Wilkins

Volunteer Care & Onboarding Support

Burt Rich

Photography Mentoring Support

Craig Whisenant

Dispatch Support

Rhonda Gehman

Session Preparation Support

Sally Melanson

Canadian Volunteer Support

Marti Wagner

DRA Education Support

Brienne Morris

DRA Support

Shonda Feather

DRA Support

Roxanne Baggott

Medical Support

Additional Support

Casey Wise

Technology Volunteer

Lisa Kennedy

Ireland Coordinator

Louise Brooks

Ireland Coordinator

Ruth Goggin

Ireland Coordinator

Kristina Foster

South Africa Coordinator

Volunteer Application Committee

Dennis Craft

Gary Makowski

Grant Palmer

Jim Greipp

Lisa Manchester

Marti Wagner

Sarah Love

Stuart Hasson

Suzanne Luttig