• Published On: November 10th, 20233 min read

    A Dozen Years: Remembering and Reflecting

    By Ali Furtwangler

    Today is a significant day, one that’s both celebratory and bittersweet. It marks a dozen years since my dear son, Zachary, entered and left this world within mere moments. While birthdays typically bring joy and excitement, this day carries a unique blend of emotions for me, as it’s a day that reminds me of the precious life that once was, even though it was far too short.

    A Dozen: A Symbol of Completeness

    When we think of a dozen, it’s often associated with completeness. A dozen eggs, a dozen roses, a dozen donuts – they all signify a full set, a complete circle. But in the context of my son’s story, it’s a stark reminder of the incompleteness, the void that losing him left in our lives. He was here, yet not for long enough to complete the life he was meant to lead.

    Memories and Reflections

    Over the last twelve years, the memories of Zachary have become more precious. They’re like fragile treasures, carefully stored in the recesses of my heart, and I cherish them. His brief existence left an indelible mark on my life, and it taught me to appreciate the beauty of even the shortest moments.

    A Dozen Years of Learning

    In …