Medical Providers

The most treasured gift you can give to a family experiencing the loss of a baby.

Continuing education units are available to learn how to capture the only moments parents will spend with their baby by gifting them with remembrance portraits.

Requesting Services

If you need to request our services for a family, you can go to Find a Photographer. The more notice we have about a family’s possible need, the greater the chance a NILMDTS Affiliated Photographer will be available to provide services. We strive to help all families wishing to have remembrance photography. Find out which services we can provide even if a photographer is unavailable.

Please call our volunteers between the hours of 7:00 am and 10:00 pm and learn about the gestational guideline of 22 weeks. We advise medical professionals to review our FAQs to understand the expectations of our volunteers.

In order to help comply with HIPAA and ensure protection of all involved parties, there are authorization and consent forms that should be filled out prior to each session.

Our goal is for all families in need of NILMDTS to be served with a photographic session. Unfortunately, as a primarily volunteer organization, we cannot guarantee that a photographer will be available to help every family. Occasionally one of our volunteer photographers may not be available to take photographs. We have retouching options available!

CONTINUING EDUCATION: Remembrance Photography

As a Best Practice in Perinatal Loss Populations

Medical Affiliates

Approved for 2.0 contact hours*

Contact hours will be available for nurses throughout the United States.

*This nursing continuing professional development activity was approved by Colorado Nurses Association, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.

NILMDTS will make every effort to make a photographer available to photograph remembrance portrait sessions. Our vision is to see that every family who wants quality images of their babies receives them. Sometimes, this cannot always be done by a NILMDTS volunteer photographer. By learning the skills to photograph the best quality session, you can gift bereaved families with the best

Please know that the intention of the Medical Affiliate Program is to allow a family to receive the best quality photographs possible when a NILMDTS photographer is otherwise unavailable. Taking photos for a bereaved family is likely something you already do for those patients in your regular work day. Your personal information will not be shared with anyone and you will not be called upon to take sessions elsewhere.

NILMDTS is currently offering this Continuing Education Course for $50.

Guided Parenting in the Face of Loss

Sign up to get more information about our Medical Affiliate Program and get a free download of our guide to assist families in normalizing the parenting of their baby for their only moments together.

As a medical professional, you will walk away from this training with confidence and new skills to support bereaved families.

You will receive the following:

  • A two-hour training course.
  • 2.0 CEs are available for registered nurses throughout the US. Access to our secure online portal to upload images for our NILMDTS Digital Retouch Artists to gently retouch.

Topics covered:

  • Lessons on NICU photography
  • Information on water immersion photography
  • Essential communication skills for offering photographs during such a sensitive time
  • Skills to create an intimate portrait session that will elevate the quality of photographs for the bereaved families that will be served

Affiliated Facilities

The NILMDTS Medical Affiliate Program has the Affiliated Facilities option for groups that wish to take the course as a unit. This phase of the program is geared toward medical facilities that wish to have a larger number of their medical professionals participate in the Medical Affiliate training course, as part of their continuing education or orientation.

Discounted rates are available for those facilities that decided to register as an Affiliate Facility. All registered nurses will receive 2.0 contact hours, though the course is open to any medical professional that works in the field of perinatal loss. This nursing continuing professional development activity was approved by Colorado Nurses Association, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.

“I’m sitting up tonight unable to sleep and thought ‘They are amazing.’  I wanted to thank your organization and volunteers for everything they do. When I lost my little boy I was so against pictures at first, but the minute I held him, I was afraid to forget his face.  I agreed to have photographs done and I am so glad I did.”

Christian | John Randall’s Mom