Introduction to Program

Letter to Medical Professionals

Thank you for visiting the Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep website.  As a medical professional, you have been a witness to the miraculous journey of pregnancy and birth. Unfortunately, there is another place in this journey that we don’t often think of—an unexpected, sorrow filled place—when a baby dies. A family’s world is turned upside down with confusion, sorrow, fear and uncertainty. 

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (NILMDTS) is a non-profit organization that provides the gift of professional remembrance photography to capture images for bereaved parents in a compassionate and sensitive manner, all at absolutely no charge to the families. Since the idea of photography during this stressful and pain filled time may not occur to families, NILMDTS depends on people like you and your staff to share information about this free service. Our professional photographers allow families to honor and cherish their babies in a memorable way and help capture the spirit of their lives together. 

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep asks that you help us in our mission: “… to provide the art of photography as a method of healing to grieving parents.”  When you are faced with a parent or family in this position, please think about Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep and contact the organization. Together, we may be able to ease the pain grieving parents experience by photographing a family’s brief time together.