March 2019 Volunteer Spotlight

Data cleanup is no joke! We want to thank Jim Wellman, Area Coordinator, Affiliated Photographer and data mining extraordinaire! When migrating the content of our old database, we were implementing various data validations to make our staff and volunteer lives easier and Jim offered to help scrub the records to ensure consistency and cleanliness when viewing in our new system! This is an ongoing and very time consuming process that will be very much appreciated when we have concise data for our staff and volunteers to utilize.

Jim has been volunteering since 2008 and has taken 54 sessions personally in addition to the local leadership he has provided the Ephrata, PA area.

From the bottom of all our hearts, from NILMDTS Staff and Volunteer Leadership, we thank you all very much for all your efforts in this labor of love that is our new website and database! There is still a bit of work to resolve some issues but it soon will be a long awaited dream come true!

If you have a suggestion of a volunteer who should receive a shoutout in our monthly spotlight, please email!