April 2020 Volunteer Spotlight

Affiliated Photographer, Cassie Mueller, met Brandi Blake, Affiliated Photographer and Dispatcher, through their local NILMDTS group. Brandi was always so supportive in the group texts, always responded quickly, and always was willing to do what she could to take a session. When they finally met in person, they knew they’d become friends. Sure enough, through the last few years, they became close friends. Brandi is always available to chat after sessions when Cassie needs to cry and talk about the situations with someone who can keep things private. She has even babysat Cassie’s kids, so she could take a session when she wasn’t able to go. They text daily about everything and about nothing.

Then, Brandi’s husband was being transferred. Cassie knew it was coming eventually since Brandi’s husband is military, but she was so, so sad when they had an actual date. In addition to being a friend, Brandi was the rock of their local team in San Antonio, TX. Brandi is both a photographer and a dispatcher, and loosing her was a blow to their entire area.

Despite being moved half way across the country, dealing with moving, kids, schools, and so much more, Brandi agreed to stay on as dispatcher in her original area. She also photographs in her new area of Columbia, SC, and is a blessing to her team there. Cassie and Brandi still text daily. Sometimes about NILMDTS, sometimes not. Cassie says she can’t imagine volunteering without Brandi’s help and support. She has the heart of a servant, and desires to help not only the families she photographs, but also those around her who volunteer alongside her. Truly, she is one of the unspoken heroes in our organization.

Brandi Blake has been a NILMDTS Photographer and Dispatcher since April 2015 and since our new system tracks dispatching as well as photography, has participated in 64 sessions in some capacity – either dispatching or as the photographer.

From the bottom of all our hearts, from NILMDTS Staff and Volunteer Leadership, we thank you very much for all your efforts in serving your local families!

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