No, we do not contact the family about their sessions individually.  Not receiving any feedback or response can be disappointing as a volunteer.  Some families will send the photographer a thank you directly or to headquarters, but most families don’t.  If the family responds to their gallery email without including their photographer, we absolutely will pass along the response.  

Otherwise, the best thing to do is to see the feedback from families on our public Facebook posts.  Every week we get tons of families commenting on our posts about how much it meant to them that a NILMDTS photographer was there for their family.  Families share their photographs on our Facebook page and on their own.  Every family is different in how they grieve, share their pictures, or open up to share their story.  We have been emailing a parent testimonial every month in our Volunteer Newsletter so that those volunteers that do not get the thank you responses know just how much it does mean to keep doing what you’re doing!  We appreciate you, and you are definitely making an impact in your community!