If a NILMDTS photographer is not available, please encourage your friend to take their own pictures! Remind them to be sure to include every little detail (hands, feet, ears, etc). They can never have enough photographs of their baby even if they don’t look at them now or even in a year. They will never have to regret not taking more. Tell them to ask a nurse or a family member to help, if you are not able, so that both parents can be in the photos as well. When they are ready, the parents can submit a retouching request to have some of the images retouched by our volunteer Digital Retouch Artists. This is a complimentary gift to families that are unable to use our services.

Although we did not take the pictures, we will need to get a signed consent form to be able to work on any images. When they are ready, a copy of our consent form can be found at the link above.  Please be sure to read through the criteria and submission of images before submitting the request.

In addition to the photographs, we encourage them to take their time with their baby, bathe their baby if allowed, make footprints and handprints if available, dress their baby, and have alone time with their baby without guests as well.

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