Simply put, you don’t know until you try. The number one thing we hear is that “I’m too emotional” but it is our belief that the majority of the time this just is not true. We do not want robotic volunteers. We are looking for people who are compassionate and sincere. It is absolutely normal to feel the weight of what you are doing but we find that most volunteer photographers get into “photographer mode” and are so focused on getting the perfect shots that the emotions may not come until after or during the editing process.

That said, it is OK to shed a tear or two with the family. They will not see that as unprofessional or weak but rather as a sign of compassion and truly caring for them and it will make the gift even more precious knowing someone was taking photos that cared enough to step into their worst nightmare to make something beautiful out of their love for their child.

So if you have the skills but think you cannot do it, we urge you to apply. You will go through our training to ensure you are prepared to walk into the first session and you will be supported 100% of the way by our caring staff and volunteers. If you take one session and realize it is not for you, there is no obligation to continue. You will have made a direct impact on that one family and countless other families indirectly due to the sharing that family will do of the photos you took and of the positive experience you were able to help create in those final moments.