Our general guideline is for infants beginning at 22 weeks gestation, or at the discretion of medical personnel. This is only a guideline. This does not mean that the photographer will not provide the service for babies that are a little younger, but a medical professional will need to be consulted.

We believe all families are deserving of pictures.  For families unable to have a photographer come, we have several Digital Retouch Artists that we invite the families and medical staff to send a few images to be retouched via our Retouching Request.  Sometimes, these are taken directly by the families or nurses help take the photographs.

Older pediatric patients are out of the scope of NILMDTS as our mission is to provide remembrance photography to parents whose babies were stillborn, have died in the early days after birth, have never left the hospital, or are sent home on hospice. If you have an infant who has passed away after spending months in the NICU and never left the hospital, our volunteers can certainly be called upon.

Here are organizations we are aware of that might be able to provide photography for situations outside NILMDTS mission: