What and why is there a gestation guideline?

As a general guideline, we provide this service to parents experiencing infant loss.  A general guideline is for infants beginning at 22 weeks gestation, or at the discretion of medical personnel. This is only a guideline. This does not mean that the photographer will not provide the service for babies that are a little younger, but a medical professional will need to be consulted.

We are very sorry that you feel this way.  We believe all families are deserving of pictures.  For those families that are unavailable for a photographer to come, we have a number of digital retouch artists that we invite the families to send a few images to be retouched through our Retouching Request.  Sometimes these are taken directly by the families themselves or the nurses help take the photographs.

If you have a friend/family that was refused services, please have them reach out to our headquarters office to get information about getting some of their images retouched.

If there is anything else that we can help you with, please do not hesitate to contact us again!