What to expect during a session

Standard Gift

Our standard gift to families includes images on approved media, which have been gently retouched and converted to black and white or sepia, along with a print release. Images are high-resolution jpeg files that could print to a minimum of 8×10 size. The normal delivery time for the families to receive their images is 6-12 weeks. If requested, the photographer may be able to email a few images to the family in time for a memorial service or funeral.

  • A complimentary intimate portrait session conducted by a professional-level trained NILMDTS Affiliated Photographer
  • A collection of professional portraits
  • Images delivered within 6-8 weeks
  • Unlimited access to your gallery
  • A print release

Questions that May be Asked

When a photographer has agreed to take a session, the following questions may be asked to better prepare themselves such as:

  • Name and phone number of caller
  • Location of baby (hospital/hospice name and room number)
  • Gestational age
  • Perceived emotional state of the family
  • Baby’s condition (specific to physical appearance (i.e.—bruising, discoloration, malformation, skin tears, etc.)