The organization was established in April of 2005, only two short months after Co-founder Cheryl Haggard suffered the loss of her son, Maddux Achilles Haggard. This organization exists because Cheryl wanted other families to have this gift of remembrance photography at no cost.  

While parents sometimes at first do not think about receiving images of their baby, they are always thankful they did. A number of parents who had losses prior to NILMDTS existing wish they could have benefited from our services. Some may feel uncomfortable about the thought of taking photographs of their baby during this time; however, we recommend they seriously consider our services. They do not have to look at the photographs immediately, but they will be there when they are ready.  They cannot take this moment back. 

Remembrance photography is a very important step in the healing process. Photographs are one of the most precious and tangible mementos that a parent can have, showing the love and bond that was given and shared with their baby. These portraits will last for generations and will honor and remember a tiny life that is forever loved and cherished.