January 2019 Volunteer Spotlight

Area Coordinators were busy with their teams and getting everyone up to speed with the new training – due date is March 1, 2019 – for all active volunteers. We’d like to thank those ACs who took the time to ensure each of their volunteers were able to log in and complete their VSA and required training ahead of schedule in 2018.

Big thanks to these Area Coordinators who have confirmed all local volunteers have logged in and are on track to complete their NILMDTS training:

  • Renae Carr – Huston, Texas area
  • Emily Brown – Greater Ottawa, Ontario & Gatineau, Quebec area
  • Melanie Rodger – Puget Sound, Washington area
  • Jim Wellman – Ephrata, Pennsylvania area
  • Jessi Hill – Westby, Wisconsin area

If your area has more than three volunteers but no Area Coordinator, we’d love for you to apply to be a local leader! The new AC training, including application, is found in the TalentLMS course catalog.

To show our appreciation for those of you who have completed your training, we are going to be doing a fun giveaway in our volunteer Facebook group. We will be raffling off a cute camera lens mug each week – starting this Friday – for all volunteers who have completed their training. So long as you have completed your training prior to the weekly raffle, you can enter each week. Please keep an eye out for the pinned post each Friday until 3/1/19 to enter your name in the random drawing. We will use a random number generator to determine the winner on Mondays. Let’s have some fun while getting caught up for the new year!

From the bottom of all our hearts, from NILMDTS Staff and Volunteer Leadership, we thank you very much for all your efforts in serving your local families!

If you have a suggestion of a volunteer who should receive a shoutout in our monthly spotlight, please email volunteercoordinators@nilmdts.org!