January 2023 Volunteer Spotlight

We have so many amazing volunteers and this month we are excited to shine the light on Amy Byer of Wichita, KS. Amy joined NILMDTS in 2019 and is a Dispatcher and has served 95 families since she began volunteering.

The the person who nominated Amy to be highlighted said: “Amy has been dedicated to NILMDTS for several years and always answers the phone with a smiling voice. She is continually checking in when she won’t be able to dispatch to make sure we have it covered in her absence. She is actively involved in our group events, and I’ve never had to remind her of anything because she’s always on top of things. She is such a valuable part of our team, I wouldn’t be able to run things without her.”

From the bottom of all our hearts, from NILMDTS Staff and Volunteer Leadership, we thank you very much for all your efforts in serving families and volunteers!

If you have a suggestion for a volunteer who should receive a shoutout in our monthly spotlight, please email support@nilmdts.org