November 2018 Volunteer Anniversaries

NILMDTS would like to thank our amazing volunteers who have a Volunteer Anniversary this month. Thank you for your service to families in your area!

11 Years

Greg Lewis
Kimberly Nobles
Vernon Britton

10 Years

Lara Morgan
Phyllis Stafford
Sharon Bollum

9 Years

Linda Hall
Megan Ownby

8 Years

Kathleen Porter

7 Years

Miriam Haugen

6 Years

Jaydene Freund
Nicole Stacy
Steve Grierson

5 Years

Janelle Porath
Marie Love
Sheila Hopewell
Stephanie Wood

4 Years

Abby Nicholas
Adrianne Gaither
Amy Christie
Andrea Cluka
Christina Lin-Leysock
Lisa Manchester
Melanie Pastuck
Robin Wilks

3 Years

Angel Stavropoulos
Brian Wyatt
Katharine Green
Kimberly Brooks
Laura Linder
Melissa Bloom
Natalie Holland

2 Years

Ashley Johnson
Catherine DeSoto
Hope Cripps
Jason Nofire
Jennifer Nofire
Jessica Cook
Jessica Hubbard
Tracie Maglosky
Veronica Garcia

1 Year

Amani Lynch
Angela Porter
Ashley Swartz
Blath McDonnell
Brittany Oaks
Chammee Anderson-Scrivens
Cheyenne Ruppel
Clay Crowell
Diana Keep
Edward Mcclure
Erika Thiele
Jennifer Young
Jeremy  Albright
Mandi Hadley
Monica Namie
Tiffani Cascadden