October 2019 Volunteer Spotlight

This month there was a theme of appreciation for new volunteers who were quick to get into the volunteer spirit. Specifically, we appreciate Sarah Love (Affiliated Photographer – soon to be AC – since 2008) and Cyd Lapour (Area Coordinator since 2014) who helped onboard and want to spotlight and appreciate their volunteers Shannon MacLean of Albuquerque, NM and Kari Walters of Denham Springs, LA. Both have gotten off to such an impactful start!

Shannon has been a NILMDTS Affiliated Photographer since April 2019 and has already taken 6 sessions.

Kari has been a NILMDTS Affiliated Photographer since February 2019 and has already taken 10 sessions.

We cannot tell you how much it means to see volunteers apply, get accepted, complete training and turn around and take sessions immediately.  You are already an asset to your teams and the organization as a whole!  Know that if you were not available, these families may not have received photographs, so thank you!!!!

From the bottom of all our hearts, from NILMDTS Staff and Volunteer Leadership, we thank you very much for all your efforts in serving your local families!

If you have a suggestion of a volunteer who should receive a shoutout in our monthly spotlight, please email volunteercoordinators@nilmdts.org!