October 2022 Volunteer Spotlight

Donna McMullen, assistant to photographer, is a gorgeous soul. She delicately poses babies, while validating the heart pains of grief to families. Every time she is on the way to assist a family, it’s such a comforting feeling knowing that Donna is leaving each family with the initial steps to healthy healing. While in the hospital room, Donna honors the words of being a guest of the family, and when she walks out of the hospital she holds each baby close to her heart strings. Having her be part of NILMDTS is truly a gift.(Photographer, DRA, Dispatcher )

From the bottom of all our hearts, from NILMDTS Staff and Volunteer Leadership, we thank you very much for all your efforts in serving families and volunteers!

If you have a suggestion for a volunteer who should receive a shoutout in our monthly spotlight, please email support@nilmdts.org