About the Session

Families are provided an intimate portrait session and gifted with black and white heirloom portraits, capturing the only moments you will spend with your baby.  While it may not naturally occur to you to photograph your baby during this time, you will find these photographs will be instrumental on your healing journey.

You Will Receive:

  • A complimentary intimate portrait session
  • A collection of heirloom portraits
  • Gently retouched black and white photographs
  • All professional-level photographers are trained volunteers
  • Images delivered within 6-8 weeks
  • Images delivered in a secure online gallery
  • Free digital download of all photographs
  • Unlimited access to your gallery
  • A print release

Your Session

If you learn prior to your delivery that your baby has a life-limiting condition, please visit our Find a Photographer page to notify the dispatcher or nearest photographer of your delivery date. If you do not have a schedule C-section or induction date, let them know your due date. We will do our best to accommodate you.

Once you are at the hospital or if you learn about NILMDTS at the hospital, we ask that you have the nurse call NILMDTS, so you can focus on the delivery of your baby and spend time with your baby.

Take Your Own Photographs

The purpose of a NILMDTS photographer is to create monochromatic heirloom images of an intimate portrait session.  Our photographer will only be there for 30-45 minutes, so you have more time alone with your baby. We encourage you to also take pictures with your own camera or phone of the other moments spent with your baby while the photographer is not there. You can never have too many.

Life Support

If your baby is on life support, a NILMDTS photographer will be available to capture photographs before the baby is removed from life support or after.  Please do what you are most comfortable with, however, we encourage you to wait until life support is removed.  This way we can capture photographs of your baby without the tubes and wires.

Volunteer Professionalism

Please remember that NILMDTS is a nonprofit volunteer organization. NILMDTS and our volunteer representatives are not an affiliate, contractor, vendor, or a volunteer of or for your institution.  NILMDTS is there at the request of and as a guest of the family. NILMDTS volunteer photographers conduct the photography services in a professional, humble and respectful manner, being sensitive to the bereaved parent and hospital staff. Services are conducted with as little disruption to Labor and Delivery and NICU as possible. If NILMDTS affiliated photographers feel they must address something with the hospital staff they are encouraged to make an appointment. If you have a concern with our services, please email us here.

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