A Message to Newly Bereaved Parents

Our deepest sympathy is with you and your family during your time of loss. The death of an infant is something no parent should ever have to experience. Words cannot express the depth of our sorrow. We are here to share in your pain, aid you in your healing, bring hope to your future and honor your precious baby.

While parents sometimes at first do not think about receiving images of their baby, they are always thankful they did. A number of parents who had losses prior to NILMDTS existing, wish they could have benefited from our services. You may feel uncomfortable about the thought of taking photographs of your baby during this time, however we recommend you seriously consider our services. You do not have to look at the photographs right away, but they will be there when and if you are ready.

You cannot take this moment back.

“We hesitated at first because we wanted all the time we could have uninterrupted. We realized though that we would have the photos for a life time. I was so glad we decided to get them done. The photographers were so amazing and gave us the time we needed as we had to stop a few times.”

Emily | Diarez Eugene’s Mom

Remembrance photography is a very important step in the healing process. Photographs are one of the most precious and tangible mementos that a parent can have, showing the love and bond that was given and shared with their baby. These portraits will last for generations, and will honor and remember a tiny life that is forever loved and cherished.

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep is committed to assisting parents and families experiencing early infant loss. NILMDTS connects families with volunteer photographers who donate the gift of infant remembrance photography.

Please go to our Find a Photographer page to locate a photographer who can assist you. All efforts are made to find a photographer to fulfill requests, but our volunteers do not have guaranteed availability.

“I look at the photos of our daughter everyday and every day I am thankful for the work NILMDTS did for us. The work is absolutely priceless to us.”

Steve | Savannah Hope’s Dad