Recruit a Photographer Month

A parent can forever see their baby because you shared your gift of photography!

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep (NILMDTS) remembrance photography volunteers capture special moments of love for parents experiencing the loss of an infant. This precious gift helps provide healing for a family while honoring the baby's legacy.

Understand Your Impact

You will find fulfillment by lending your talent to a parent suffering the loss of a baby. This service turns a hidden pain into a beautiful portrait; one that brings healing to a family, awareness to a community, and a sense of honor to you.

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Learn more about the volunteer role, the time commitment, and the application process, as well as have all your questions answered.

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Learn More about Skills Criteria and Apply

When you apply to join us, you will submit portrait images that showcase your best work and convey your ability to use controlled light and focus, as well as strong posing techniques. Here is a little more information about these areas:

Lighting Skills

Unfortunately a hospital setting doesn't generally offer the natural light needed to create the beautiful and timeless images that we want to gift to our families; therefore it is important that our photographers demonstrate the strong skills using portable or auxiliary lighting.


We seek photographers who can capture images with incredible focus. The subjects of our images are small but full of detail and we want to make sure that our families’ eyes are drawn into the image creating a strong connection. When selecting images to submit, please select those that show your precision with focus. 



Posing is a key element to the photos we create. Our photographers have a good sense of the rules of posing and always work to take photos with their subjects in the most flattering positions. It is best to avoid submitting candid or snaps shots, but instead choose those photos that show your influence, as a photographer as it relates to posing.

Encourage others to get involved

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