The most meaningful work you will do with your talents.

Give the Gift of Remembrance Portraits

Capture special moments of love for parents experiencing the loss of an infant. Your precious gift provides healing for a family while honoring the baby’s legacy.

Volunteer Roles

Find fulfillment in gifting bereaved parents with a priceless gift. In addition to photographers, we have a number of instrumental volunteer roles for you to start making an impact in your community today!

“I was nervous to join NILMDTS. I wasn’t sure I could handle the emotional part of capturing a session. I’m glad I was encouraged to give it a try though. I was surprised by how strong I am. It is still hard, but I can handle it. And, I know there is support from NILMDTS if I need to talk with someone.”

~ Jenn Cheesebrow, NILMDTS Volunteer since 2018

“Seeing the appreciation in a parent’s eyes at the end of a session is all I need for me to continue giving the gift of remembrance portraits. It has filled a place in my heart that I didn’t know was empty.”

~ Megan Bechtold, NILMDTS Volunteer since January 2019

Other Ways to Get Involved

Spread the WordCall your local medical facilities today and share information on our Medical Affiliate program!

Donate – By donating just $35 today, you can cover the cost of one onboarding one volunteer.

Social Sharing – use the graphics below on your social media platforms to help spread awareness!