Assistant to Photographer

We appreciate your interest in volunteering with NILMDTS because we know there are many places where you can give your time to give back to others. So, thank you for considering us and our mission to help bereaved families. If you have any questions or are interested in volunteering in any of these roles mentioned below, and you believe your skills and talents fit, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your local team or our Recruitment Coordinator to learn how to get involved in this capacity.

Overview of Assistant to Photographer

The success of Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep is dependent on the ability to have successful Affiliated Photographers and part of that often includes the supporting role of Assistant to Photographer. The Assistant to Photographer is a non-photography position however many assistants are begining their experience with NILMDTS in order to build upon their skills to become an Affiliated Photographer. Assistants must officially apply and list a sponsoring Affiliated Photographer on their application.

For dispatched sessions, the communication expectation is that responses occur within 2 hours. For non-session communications it is expected that response is given within 48-hours to HQ/Volunteer Coordinators and within 24-hours to volunteers in your area.

Reports To

Area or Volunteer Coordinators for day to day support and guidance. Headquarters staff for administrative issues.

Part-Time Volunteer

The time commitment can be as much or as little as you are able. The only requirement is that you clearly communicate to your local team.

Specific Role Functions

  • Assist the Affiliated Photographer with any needs during a NILMDTS session
  • Assist with reviewing the Parent Consent form with the family
  • Hold lighting equipment and aid with the posing of the baby as requested
  • Check at the end of session that family has paperwork and return any of the family’s items used during the session (i.e.—blankets, rings, toys, clothing, etc.)

Required Experience, Skills, and Essential Role Functions

  • Must be sponsored by an approved Affiliated Photographer for NILMDTS
  • The Assistant to Photographer is a NON-Photography role
  • The Assistant to Photographer is present to assist with consent paperwork and to provide posing & lighting per photographers instructions