Nurses and hospital staff are our biggest supporters and often the first to introduce the idea of bereavement photography to families experiencing sudden infant loss. We recognize that it can be difficult to talk about and want to make sure that you are armed with as much information as possible to prepare you to do so.

The best hope for your area is to begin talking about NILMDTS to as many photographers as possible. Gauge the interest. See if there is a desire to share their talents with our families and hospital support. Once a team is built up in your area, it is easier to provide consistent and quality NILMDTS services to the families in and around your area.

If you are an active volunteer, you can find out about recruiting and hospital outreach in your Forms & Documents training course.

We also offer a Medical Affiliate Program, which offers medical providers the opportunity to participate in online training to better their bereavement care and provide bereavement photography when a NILMDTS photographer is unavailable.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.